From Hassle to Hospitality

The best experience you can give your residents is the employee who loves to come to work every day. This is the result of taking the hassle out of the hospitality you offer. Encourage all of your employees to become friendly with each other, to work as a team, helping each other when help is needed the most. This is a key to the community that flows smoothly, eliminating costly upsets. When your employees enjoy the work they do, they bring out the happiness of your residents in a natural way. This is nurturing that is a skill and cannot be forced, but can be discovered lying beneath the surface of the untrained server. The reality and logic of this plan can come from Kind Dining training for all your staff from your caregivers, housekeepers, nurses, to your managers.

Encourage camaraderie between employees at all levels and those employees with the residents. This dissolves walls that isolate people. Including your residents in this seemingly casual way makes them feel an important part of the community.  They will thoroughly enjoy an enriching conversation with any staff member. It is a warm feeling of welcome that long remains after the initial newness. Residents will boast about their home where the staff feels like family. It is the staff, and servers in particular, that they see more often than family. This is a lifeline to keeping your community vibrant, alive with people who are joyful with their home environment.

Hospitality has always started with welcoming people to your home, your table. It is the same with your residents in this place they have chosen to live the remainder of their lives. The dining room has become more significant than ever. Since the heart of your community is the dining room this is where your servers’ playfulness with the residents will reflect hospitality the most. Kind Dining® will train all your servers to understand that they carry this vital shared responsibility. When the community runs smoothly troubling incidents are eliminated. Investing in valuable training is a better choice than fixing costly repairs in the fabric of running a successful community.